About Abiyah, I've been surrounded by music my whole life, as my dad has been a musician in a local band for many years.  I started to show an interest in music at a very early age.  I would often explore my dad’s instruments and recording software.  I composed my first song, which was a melancholy ballad when I was about 12. 

I have an appreciation for all genres of music.  However Neo-Soul is my genre of choice.  From performances to audio engineering, I would definitely like to have a full-time career doing music.  My biggest influence musically would be my dad Whitfield ‘The Skipper’ Woodside.  This guy in my opinion like we young people say is the G.O.A.T.  He's a professional multi-instrumentalist, composer and audio engineer and get this he is self-taught! So I truly draw inspiration from my pops.  Artists that influence me are Lauryn Hill, The Weeknd and Chicago.

 Most of my musical ideas are formed in times when things aren’t going so well for me.  I tend to turn to music as a form of release. I find the whole creative process simply therapeutic.  My thoughts on music in the Bahamas In regard to Bahamian Folk music is there is much more that we can do to enhance, add flavor, and even make it palatable to the younger generation.  This is exactly what we tried to accomplish with our debut single 'Rock It!' and our upcoming pending release single, which are both pretty traditional & non-traditional Bahamian styles, meant to bridge the gap between the old and the young.