Mechanical license


A Mechanical License Is written permission from the Rights Holder of A Particular Musical Work (and/or) the Rights Holder of the Sound Recording.  When a Record, CD, Audio Tape or Digital Stream for a specific Copyrighted Composition is reproduced, downloaded or streamed The amount of the royalty paid to a Songwriter/Publisher for the Underlying Musical Work/Composition from its mechanical license is determined by the Holder of the Sound Recording.  If you are the Owner of Both The Musical Work and The Sound Recording, then you have Exclusive Rights and 100% of the Licensing Royalty will be owed to you.

The Synchronization License is another potential source of income for Songwriters, Publishers and Owners of Sound Recordings. The “synch license,” as it is sometimes called, pays copyright owners when their music is used in combination with visual images such as Music in Films, TV, Videos, Computer Programs, & Radio Ads.


Producers of Audio Synchronization Productions should requests a Synchronization License from the Songs Publisher or Administrator for usage.


These rights can be Administered and Licensed by IPRightsAdministration who accounts directly to the Rights Owner.  

IPRightsAdministration Represents Owners Of Copyright Original Musical Works (Writers & Publishers) and Owners Of Sound Recordings (Masters).  IPRightsAdministration can perform Publishing & Copyright Administration For Independent Artist/Producers/Writers/Composers/Publishers & Owners of Copyright.


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